• da Lunedì 29 Giugno 2009 a Mercoledì 1 Luglio 2009
HYPERTEXT 2009 - Villa Gualino - Torino
Conference with demos and posters. ArsMeteo° presented in the main venue for high quality peer-reviewed research on "linking." The Hypertext Conference provides the forum for all research concerning links: their semantics, their presentation, the applications, as well as the knowledge that can be derived from their analysis and their effects on society.

Following the call for Posters and Demos, we will have 32 posters/demos presented during Hypertext 2009. They will be presented in three different sessions, in order to give enough time for interaction and questions (see program):

    * Monday 29 June [6:10 - 7:00 p.m.]: During wine and cheese welcome reception.
    * Thursday 30 June [noon - 1:30 p.m.]: 1-minute poster pitch session in Gualino Room followed by interactive poster session.
    * Thursday 30 June [6:10 - 7:00 p.m.]: Interactive poster session.

Posters and Demos will be set up in in foyer of room A and room B for interactive sessions.
You will set up a poster with the content of your paper. The poster board is A1 size, which holds up to eight A4 landscape prints. Pins or tape will be available to put up your poster. The poster space will already be available on Monday 29th, starting at 9:00 a.m. If you are presenting a demo, we still ask you prepare a poster, and additionally you are responsible of carrying with you everything you need (e.g., notebooks, touch screens). We will provide a desk and Internet connection. However, you are kindly invited to ask us for any special needs.

The following demos and posters will be presented at the conference. Abstracts submitted before March 23th will appear in the proceedings.
Accepted demos

    * Dominik Benz, Folke Eisterlehner, Andreas Hotho, Robert Jäschke, Beate Krause and Gerd Stumme:
      Managing Publications and Bookmarks with BibSonomy
    * Lara Marcellin and Roberto Politi:
      Tag Vision: Social Knowledge for Collaborative Search
    * Heather Roinestad, John Burgoon, Ben Markines and Filippo Menczer:
      Incentives for Social Annotation
    * Francesca Carmagnola, Andrea Loffredo and Giorgio Bernardi:
      VCast on Facebook: Bridging Social and Similarity Networks
    * Edoardo Acotto, Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Viviana Patti, Flavio Portis and Giorgio Vaccarino:
      ArsMeteo: Artworks and Tags Floating over the Planet Art
    * Namrata Lele, Le-Shin Wu, Ruj Akavipat and Filippo Menczer:
      Sixearch.org 2.0 Peer Application for Collaborative Web Search
    * Pedro Garcia Lopez:
      to:// towards an Open Namespace for Web Resources

Accepted posters

    * Mohammed Haouach and Gilles Venturini:
      A 3D hypermedia with biomedical stereoscopic images: from creation to exploration in virtual reality
    * Jacek Jankowski and Stefan Decker:
      The 2LIP Model and Its Implementations
    * Kaspar Rosengreen Nielsen, Rasmus Gude, Marianne Graves Petersen and Kaj Grønbæk:
      MediaJourney: Capturing and Sharing Digital Media from Real-World and Virtual Journeys
    * Alvin Chin and Jyri Salomaa:
      A User Study of Mobile Web Services and Applications from the 2008 Beijing Olympics
    * Barbara Rita Barricelli, Marco Padula and Paolo Luigi Scala:
      Personalized Web Browsing Experience
    * Benjamin Markines and Filippo Menczer:
      A Scalable, Collaborative Similarity Measure for Social Annotation Systems
    * Munmun De Choudhury:
      Modeling and Predicting Group Activity over Time in Online Social Media
    * Juan Martinez-Romo and Lourdes Araujo:
      Retrieving Broken Web Links using an Approach based on Contextual Information
    * Cecile Paris, Nathalie Colineau and Ross Wilkinson:
      A Cost-Benefit Evaluation Method for Web-Based Information Systems
    * Markus Strohmaier, Mark Kröll and Christian Koerner:
      Automatically Annotating Textual Resources with Human Intentions
    * Matteo Romanello, Monica Berti, Alison Babeu and Gregory Crane:
      Printed Hypertexts Go Digital: Extracting Information from the Parsing of Indices
    * Dirk Bollen and Harry Halpin:
      The Role of Tag Suggestions in Folksonomies
    * Guido Boella, Leon van der Torre and Serena Villata:
      Four Measures for the Dynamics of Coalitions in Social Networks
    * Yahiaoui Leila, Prié Yannick and Boufaida Zizette:
      The redocumentation process of computer mediated activity traces: A general framework
    * Laurent Denoue:
      WebNC: efficient sharing of web applications
    * Elio Toppano and Vito Roberto:
      Semiotic Design and Analysis of Hypermedia
    * João Miranda and Daniel Gomes:
      How are Web characteristics evolving?
    * Tsvi Kuflik and Katerina Poteriaykina:
      User Model on a Key
    * Mírian Bruckschen, Renata Vieira and Sandro Rigo:
      Named Entities for Hot Topics Ranking and Ontology Navigation Aid
    * Francesca Carmagnola, Federica Cena, Luca Console, Pierluigi Grillo, Monica Perrero, Rossana Simeoni and Fabiana Vernero:
      iDYNamicTV: a Social Adaptive Television Experience
    * YItong Wang and Jingbo Chu:
      Use Noisy Link Analysis to improve Web Search
    * Fernanda Bonacho:
      Introducing online reading
    * Tatiana Mazali:
      ZEXE.NET, a case study of video-moblog
    * Everardo Reyes-García:
      Hypermedia as Media
    * F. Schweitzer, S. Battiston, F.E. Walter:
      Personalised and Dynamic Trust in Social Networks

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