Rudi Punzo
The Turin based artist Rudi Punzo is active in different disciplines such as sculpture, sound art, performance and music with a particular focus on the recycling of matters and shapes and the use of renewable sources: he questions Sculpture as a merely 3 D art, forcing the kinetic momentum into sound and timing.
Obsessed by the ‘sound of matter’ and ‘the matter of sound’ is interested in metamorphosis and its symbiotic relationship with artistic transformation - the transformative act of making art out of discarded, abandoned and cast-off refuse.
Similarly Punzo teases music out of his kinetic art works to produce magical sculptural/aural hybrids - wonderfully ever-changing, renewing and surprising.


October 10 - 13th, attending TransCultural Exchange 2013 Conference: Engaging Minds, at Boston University, Boston (MA)

September 8, European Artists E-V "10 Years", Simposium in Essen (DE) Screams of Light live performance

May 16 through June, 19: 21st International Art Residency - Haslla Art World Museum, Republic Of Korea

May 9 through June 30: TECNOMEDIOEVO, Group Exhibition, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Torino (IT)

January, Sound Residency at KHOJ International Artists' Association, New Delhi, India

September 24 through October 7 Spirituality and Materiality Sculpture Symposium, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan

August 28 Flussi Festival, Avellino (IT)

May 20,’Robots against War’ Peace and Art Int. Festival, Demilitarized zone, SouthKorea

May 1 through June 10th "Full fellowship Artist" at 20th International Art Residency -Haslla Art World Museum, Republic Of Korea

September 21 through October 17 "Full fellowship Artist" at 19th International Art Residency - Haslla Art World Museum, Republic Of Korea

May 22nd - MUM - LPM Live Performers Meeting - Rome

April 22nd -7:00 PM- CYBERDRONYX - 596 Broadway Suite 602 NYC, NY, USA

MUM Generators - A/V performance along with Derek Hoffend April 15, 2011 Mobius - Boston, MA, USA -

ARTOUR-O , Firenze Exhibit and soundperformance March 10, 2011 to March 13, 2011;
awarded with Maria Fulvia Leopizzi Prize


September 4th performing CYBERDRONYX at
- Festival de Arte Digital Belo Horizonte MG (BR)

August, 28, Sound Cycles Paderborn (DE)
June, 14 - 15, Roboinsekts, Stadtbibliothek, Am Rothoborn, Paderborn (DE)

July, CYBERDRONYX Scandinavian Tour
April 15 - May6, Artist-in-residence at Boston, MA, p- an event of
Boston Cyberarts Festival

November, 13-15 RUDIMACHINES and THE FIREFLIES - Festival
Electro Mechanica Saint Petersbourg(RU) (pictures)

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